Breeding Stud Sheep


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By Murray Long
Breeding Stud Sheep shows you how to establish and manage a successful sheep stud. All aspects of stud breeding are covered, including where and how to buy your sheep, selecting the right breeding stock for your stud, flock management, nutrition, disease, lambing problems, showing sheep, promotion and marketing, and selling stud genetics. The detailed step-by-step s roaches that best suit their situation.
It also explains how new initiatives such as performance recording, DNA testing and modern reproductive techniques can be integrated with the old, time-honoured traditions of sheep breeding.
Profiles of highly recognised stud breeders are included, detailing how they started and the strategies they used to grow their stud sheep operations over the years.
This book will help new breeders avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that can occur when starting a new stud venture, and show how to succeed in what is ultimately a tough, but rewarding, industry.
(136 pages, paperback, Australia)