Fabulous Food from Every Small Garden


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By Mary Horsfall
CSIRO Publishing
Fabulous Food from Every Small Garden shows how to grow food at home in even the smallest of places. It explores the reasons for growing your own food, including the many potential benefits such as improved taste, freshness and nutrition. Many types of food are covered, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, bush tucker plants and edible flowers.
The book gives detailed instructions for successfully growing plants from seeds, and explains the use of organic pest and weed control and efficient watering methods. In addition, readers are shown how to improve soil fertility by making their own fertiliser.
This practical book also offers solutions on incorporating food plants with other plants to create beautiful gardens in spaces such as balconies and flowerbeds. This is complemented with information on innovative techniques such as aquaponics, hydroponics, wicking beds and grid gardening to achieve high productivity in small spaces. The final chapters cover growing, harvesting and storing produce, and contain simple recipes.
(221 pages, Paperback, Australia)