Grow Your Own Medicine


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A Guide to growing health-giving plants in your own backyard
By Mim Beim
The medicinal powers of herbs, vegetables and fruit have been revered for thousands of years. This practical guide shows you how to grow and use these plants to prevent disease, treat everyday ailments and promote general good health.
More than sixty plants and their properties are discussed in detail, from Echinacea for fighting colds and boosting the immune system, to cabbage for warding off cancer; and from arthritis-relieving potato poultices to libido-boosting damiana tea. You will learn their medicinal properties, how best to administer them – in teas, tinctures, compresses, creams and more – and, of course, how to grow and prepare them for use.
Whether you have a small vegie patch – or the space to create one – or room in a courtyard or balcony for a few pots, this book will show you how easy it is to create an organic medicine cabinet in your own backyard. Plant your way to good health!
(288 pages, paperback, Australian)