The limited release Korean-made TYM T2900 tractor is a game-changer with plenty of torque at low RPM and auto throttle control.

In stock now at TYM dealers, the special launch package includes a quick detach loader with 4-in-1 bucket.

Gary Surman, Inlon’s sales and marketing manager, talks about torque:

“The TYM T2900 1175cc turbo-charged diesel engine delivers 28hp at just 2600rpm, taking performance and efficiency to the next level.

“The low revving TYM engine provides better operator comfort.

“The two range HST transmission has side-by-side pedals for easy forward and reverse changes.

“Auto throttle links the HST pedals to the engine throttle to synchronise the tractor’s speed and engine RPM. This simplifies operation, helps increase productivity and reduces fuel consumption.

“Extra driver leg room and cruise control make for an easier day in the field, while the two-post folding ROPS helps navigate low clearance spaces.”

The tractor-only weight of 841kg with its heavy front axle and long 1502mm wheelbase is perfect for loader work and heavy jobs where you need extra stability.

The T2900’s large industrial front and rear tyres give extra traction and handle heavy loads when using the front-end loader operations.

The T2900 body panels are all made of steel with easy access under the bonnet for servicing.

Distributed Australia-wide by Inlon, the limited release launch package includes a quick detach loader, 4-in-1 bucket, bump guard and loader parking stands.

TYM tractors are renowned for high quality, well-designed products, backed by heavy research and development investment.

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TYM T2900 Operator Area