The Victorian Farmers Federation’s Making our Farms Safer project aims to reduce the over-representation of farmers aged 60 and over from dying on farms.

The VFF has released a new handbook: Stay Farming Longer and Safer: A practical guide for older farmers and their families.

VFF vice-president and Making our Farmers Safer Committee chair Danyel Cucinotta said the free handbook offered practical safety tips, information and advice that are critical to save lives.

“In 2022, over 40 per cent of all deaths on farms were tragically in people aged over 60. Everyone deserves to go home safely at night, and this handbook is a step in the right direction,” she said.

“It’s so important that we disrupt the ‘it’ll be right mentality’ when it comes to farm safety. We know complacency kills, and it’s through resources such as this handbook that we shift the dial.

“The average farmer is now aged 63, and there’s been a genuine lack of engagement with this age group in the past when it comes to farm safety. It’s all about sharing information and starting a conversation that could save someone’s life.”

Ms Cucinotta said the much-needed handbook fills a hole within the industry. It has been written for farmers, by farmers, while keeping front of mind the unique challenges that living on a farm presents.

“There is no other resource out there like this for older farmers,” she said.

“I’m so proud that this handbook now exists, but it’s all for nothing if farmers don’t use it. We hope to see a reduction of older farmers getting injured and dying on our farms as a result of it being available.”

The campaign and accompanying handbook have been created as part of the VFF Making Our Farms Safer project, a free farm safety education and support service for Victorian farmers, funded by the Victorian Government through Agriculture Victoria.

You can find the Making Our Farms Safer project on all social media platforms and download a free copy of the handbook at: