4WD Driving Skills


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A Manual for On and Off-Road Travel

Vic Widman

An essential guide to safe and responsible 4-wheel driving.

Modern four-wheel drive vehicles are powerful and sophisticated machines, able to travel almost anywhere. Given their growing popularity with recreational drivers, there is an even more pressing need for adequate training. Even on sealed roads these vehicles require a different set of driving skills: off-road the demands are many times greater.

4WD Driving Skills concentrates on the essential skills of four-wheel driving for every type of off-road terrain as well as sealed and unsealed roads. It explains what makes a four-wheel drive vehicle different, how to approach challenging situations, and shows what to do if things go wrong. 152 pages


  • An explanation of four-wheel drive systems
  • General principles of four-wheel driving
  • Driving on sealed roads
  • Unsealed roads and corners
  • Controlling a slide
  • Passing oncoming traffic on unsealed roads
  • Trail driving in mountainous areas
  • Driving on wet and muddy tracks
  • River crossings
  • Driving in sand
  • Snow driving
  • Recovery equipment
  • Caring for the environment



Vic Widman bought his first four-wheel drive vehicle more than 23 years ago and learnt his driving skills the hard way. He now runs one of Australia’s leading four-wheel drive training schools and tag-along tour companies and has conducted thousands of four-wheel drive training courses.


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