Small Farms – May 2018


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Inside your May 2018 issue of Small Farms magazine

  • Why push it uphill, get a dung beetle
  • Planting a classy cash crop
  • She’s a country girl, like it or not
  • Why not try dog trialling?
  • Landcare winner lights the path
  • One hump or two with that?
  • He’s all jammed up — and loving it
  • Home butchery — barbecued ribs
  • Rabbit’s becoming a rarebit
  • Don’t be a complete ass
  • Alpaca feature
  • Family farm
  • Duck into Ted’s for a tail
  • Hearing it from the horse’s mouth
  • A beeline for apiary action
  • Cattle yards for small farms
  • Is that the sheep for you?
  • Holsteins aren’t green
  • Here comes the loveable heavy horse
  • On the snail fast track
  • Lifestyle
  • and much more….

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