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By Turan T. Turan
The Complete Guide for Meat & Fish

The ultimate step-by-step guide to smoking, curing, and drying meat and fish at home: from delicious salmon gravlax to mouth watering hot smoked chicken wings and home cured bacon. Turan’s hands-on approach will show you all the essential techniques plus more complex curing processes, encouraging you to develop your own style. No expensive equipment is required to get started: all you need is an oven or a barbeque!

Step-by-step photographs and instructions for over 50 different techniques. Full instructions for indoor hot and cold smoking methods, plus a guide for building your own outdoor smoker – from an easy to make cardboard box cold smoker to barbeque friendly designs. Salting and brining techniques can be used with your usual recipes to create succulent roasts or perfect salt beef, bacon, and whole hams.

(224 pages, paperback, UK)

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