The National Farmers’ Federation has announced the first three products to be certified under the Australian Farm Data Code.

Pairtree Intelligence, FarmSimple, and Western Australia’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development have all had products certified.

NFF vice-president David Jochinke said the voluntary code was a yardstick for farmers to easily evaluate what can be an overwhelming minefield in data terms and policies.

“Data about soils, yields and finances are part of modern farming. Farmers need to know and trust their data is secure, not being shared or sold to third parties, and they have control of it,” Mr Jochinke said.

For more information about the code, including how providers can be assessed and the register of certified products, visit:

Carbon farming for small farmers

The rapid growth of a carbon farming sector in Australia means landholders now have a viable pathway to earn money by storing carbon in their soils.

However, those with small properties may not have the critical mass of carbon needed to engage with carbon markets, and may lack the knowledge, skills and tools to develop projects by themselves.

This video showcases a brand new farmer guide to soil carbon management, with an emphasis on a co-farmer collaboration model.

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