Member for Maranoa, David Littleproud has welcomed new laws that will protect farming families from activist invasions.

The Criminal Code Amendment (Agricultural Protection) 2019 introduces new offences for using the internet to incite trespass, theft or property damage on agricultural land.

“Aussie Farms organisers have a choice, take your attack map down or go to jail,” Minister Littleproud said.

“They need to respect the privacy of farmers or they could spend five years in a cell reflecting on what they’ve done.

“These invasions are dangerous and intimidating, like when 20 activists broke into the Carey Bros abattoir in Warwick or when 100 activists invaded Lemon Tree feedlot in Millmerran.

“These have not just been farm invasions, they’re also home invasions.

“Aussie Farms encouraged large numbers of people to trespass on private property where farmers’ children play – putting them at risk.

“Farming families that have done nothing wrong have a right to be left alone.

“If activists don’t like animal farming there are plenty of ways to make their point without breaking the law.

“I’m proud to see these new laws come in after working hard to protect farmers as the previous Agriculture Minister.

“I congratulate Minister McKenzie and Attorney-General Porter on finishing this important work.

“I hope this helps farmers feel safer doing their important work feeding our nation.”

Anyone who uses a carrier service to encourages trespass, theft or property damage faces a maximum penalty of 12 months in prison. Inciting harassment or intimidation carries a maximum penalty of five years.