Author: Small Farms

Releasing the expansion squeeze for cropping land

Prices for Australian cropland have been increasing at a much faster rate than other farm land – far exceeding price growth of country used for dairy and pastoral grazing – with close to double-digit average annual growth rates since 2014, a recent Rabobank report has found.

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MSA program delivers record high farm gate returns

Australia’s world-leading eating quality grading program, Meat Standards Australia (MSA) delivered an additional $198m to producers in the form of price differential for MSA v Non-MSA young cattle in 2018-19, which translates to a direct in the pocket benefit of $84/head for non-feedlot cattle producers, according to the latest data contained in the MSA Annual Outcomes Report.

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NSHMP growing by leaps and bounds

More sheep producers have access to carcass data to inform their animal health management strategy than ever before following another growth year for the National Sheep Health Monitoring Project (NSHMP).

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