There are a number of simple tasks people can complete to reduce their risk this season, and now is the time to take action if you haven’t already done so.

Victorian Country Fire Authority chief officer Jason Heffernan said CFA crews right across the state were making every effort to prepare for this year’s fire season, but they need a collective community effort to reduce bushfire risk.

“Victoria is one of the most bushfire-prone areas in the world, so it’s vital for everyone to plan ahead,” he said.

“All it takes is some basic maintenance such as clearing your gutters, picking up loose leaves and twigs, pruning tree branches so they aren’t overhanging the roof of your property, or even just keeping your lawn under 10cm tall.

“High rainfall and moisture levels over the past 12 months will have led to vegetation growth on private properties, so it’s important to maintain your property through spring and into fire season.”

Mr Heffernan also encouraged everyone to sit down with your family or household to discuss and practice their bushfire survival plan together.

“CFA has all the information you need on our website to create a clear bushfire plan with your loved ones,” he said.

“If you already have one, blow the dust off it and go over it with your family. Practising your bushfire survival plan could save your family’s life.”

Prepare yourself and your property

– Move your winter woodpile away from the house or sheds.

– Prune tree branches so they are not overhanging the roof or touching walls.

– Clear your gutters.

– Keep grass shorter than 10cm.

– Remove leaves and twigs from around your property.

– Test anything that is part of your fire plan such as sprinklers, pumps and generators.

– Make sure your household has a Bushfire Survival Plan.

Learn more about how to prepare your property at

prepare and for more about bushfire survival plans, visit:

CFA Community Fireguard Meeting. House Fire Safety. Bushfire planning. Raking up the leaves in the garden. December 2003.