Its 755kg tractor weight, auto throttle, large industrial tyres and 600kg lift capacity are simply unmatched in the sub-compact tractor sector.
Available from TYM dealers, the launch package includes a quick detach loader with 4-in-1 bucket.
Gary Surman, Inlon’s sales and marketing manager, explains the features of the new TYM TS25 tractor.
“Even though it’s a sub-compact, the tractor weight of 755kg means you can take on heavy-duty jobs.
“A heavy front axle is important for a tractor fitted with a front-end loader as substantial loads are applied during loader operation.
“The TS25 has a longer wheelbase at 1460mm, giving extra stability for lifting and handing heavy loads.”
Mr Surman said it was powered by a Japanese Yanmar 1116cc diesel engine, meaning the TS25 delivers more than 60Nm torque for serious work.
“The hydrostatic driveline is controlled by independent forward and reverse side-by-side pedals for easy operation.
“Auto throttle links the HST pedals to the engine throttle to synchronise the tractor’s speed and engine RPM. This simplifies operation, helps increase productivity and reduces fuel consumption.”
Large industrial tyres and lots of extras are other features, Mr Surman said.
“The tractor’s large industrial front and rear tyres are forgiving on lawn areas yet still maintain traction where required.
“Cruise control offers power and speed when mowing large open areas, while the folding ROPS makes low access areas a breeze.
“TS25 rear linkage is category 1 with a large lift capacity of 600kg. Independent rear and mid PTO allow operation of backhoes, slashers and mid mount mowers. PTO engagement is simply a push button move.
“The TS25 comes standard with diff-lock, selectable four-wheel drive in and out, power steering and disc brakes.
“The drive area is uncluttered and comes standard with a rubber floor mat for driver safety and comfort.”
The TYM TS25 package with quick detach loader and 4-in-1 bucket is distributed Australia-wide by Inlon.
TYM tractors are renowned for high-quality, well-designed products, backed by heavy research and development investment.
For more information, visit or call Inlon on 1800 945 090.

TYM TS25 with optional mower deck