More than 260 outbreaks of varroa mite have now been detected since June 2022, when the alarm was first raised at the Port of Newcastle.
“Like everyone involved in agriculture, Rural Aid is enormously concerned for our beekeepers and our ‘littlest livestock’,” CE) John Warlters said.
“Rural Aid is supporting beekeepers with an offer of $1500 of financial assistance and rural counsellors on standby to provide emotional support.”
The detection of varroa mite in hives in the Sunraysia region of southern NSW — one of the most heavily bee dependent regions for the pollination of crops — had further heightened concerns for the industry.
NSW DPI said Sunraysia was currently hosting the largest concentration of managed European honeybee hives in Australia to provide pollination services for almond orchards.
Rural Aid has provided more than $500,000 to beekeepers since 2015 and is ready to again provide a ‘hand up’ to producers when it was needed most.
“Our thoughts are with beekeepers and their families at this time. It must be soul destroying to see precious hives euthanised on top of the significant financial impact,” Mr Warlters.
“Rural Aid has experienced an increase in calls from distressed beekeepers who are understandably upset that their livelihoods and livestock are in jeopardy.
“Our counselling team is specially trained to help primary producers navigate crisis. We thank the NSW DPI for their trust in encouraging apiarists to reach out to Rural Aid.
“We are urging affected beekeepers to get in touch with Rural Aid at this distressing time.”
Varroa-mite affected beekeepers can apply for assistance at
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