Strautmann’s range of Verti-Mix feed mixers are well-known for their stepped flight auger, which delivers efficient mixing and a uniform feed.

Now in its fourth generation, Strautmann has introduced its new Intensive Mix System (IMS) auger.

Strautmann pioneered the development of the stepped auger, which better agitates, lifts and loosens the feed material for faster mixing time, uniformity and lower power requirements.

With the new IMS, Strautmann has increased the number of steps, making them smaller and more frequent.

The steps now occur every 60 degrees of angle (previously 90 degrees). This accelerates the mixing process while using less power and reducing wear on the auger.

Strautmann’s patented knife adjustment system means the IMS auger can be adapted to specific feed components that need an increased cutting in the mixing process, such as straw and complete round bales.

The knives are available in two lengths and their working angle can be set according to whether you require aggressive cutting action or mixing. A mix of knife types and angles can be arranged along the auger flight.

A special mounting position is available for the top auger knife which enables it to more aggressively and quickly break up complete bales that are loaded into the bowl.

Now in its fourth generation, Strautmann has introduced its new Intensive Mix System (IMS) auger.

What are the benefits of a stepped flight auger?

“The stepped design gives fast, low-horsepower mixing because the steps lift and loosen the fodder as it mixes, creating a uniform feed ration without over-processing,” Andreas Haggeney from Strautmann said.

“Tests comparing traditional pure smooth spiral augers with the stepped flight auger have showed considerably reduced power consumption with the stepped design.”

Why use Verti-Mix feed mixers?

The Verti-Mix range is renowned for its speed, efficiency and uniform feed ration.

Uniformly mixed feed provides better weight gain, fertility and improved feed efficiency with the potential to lower cost and wastage.

From breaking up whole bales and cutting hay and straw, through to incorporating silage, grain, minerals and concentrates, Strautmann delivers every time.

The German-designed and built Strautmann Verti-Mix has performed strongly in Australia for more than 30 years with models from 7 cubic metres to 45 cubic metres capacity in single, twin and triple auger configurations, plus a range of discharge doors and conveyor options.

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– From Inlon.