Small Farms – February 2019


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Inside your February 2019 issue of Small Farms magazine

  • Lucky calf or lucky duck?
  • The emu – from fad to fair dinkum
  • Softly, softly the golden fleece
  • Bush setting to gourmet glamour
  • Hooked on fish – millions of them
  • Vikings and the Armada Down Under
  • Going up the walnuts
  • Home butcher – a good ribbing
  • Custom feeding a drought safety net
  • Alpacas
  • Those Mystic Murray Greys
  • Finding thrills on blueberry hills
  • Have you heard of the Luxton Black?
  • A helping hand with livestock
  • Bloody big farm; very small idea
  • Struggle ahead for small towns
  • Innovative technology
  • Drought closes historic stock routes
  • and much more…