Small Farms – May 2019


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Inside your May 2019 issue of Small Farms magazine

  • Heirloom pumpkin seeds
  • Drought management of pasture
  • Peppermint Ridge goes native
  • Buster gets his bounce back
  • Fixing that fence line
  • So how cool are Kelpies?
  • Be clever with your canola
  • Home butchery: Cutting for cartilage
  • Home cooking: Steamed up about ribs
  • All in the family
  • Dark days in dairying
  • Power of the persimmon
  • Cashing in on genomics
  • Small herds of Alpaca
  • The scholar and her scholarship
  • Check out Harvest Swap
  • You can feel the Serenity
  • Talk about a tree change
  • Alternative entry point for farmers
  • The unbreakable farmer
  • The experiment that must succeed
  • Win a Nirey knife sharpener
  • How to grow a café
  • Want to go off-grid?
  • Shakeup in the bee business
  • Small Farms bookshop
  • Livestock for sale
  • Lifestyle
  • and much more…

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