France, along with a wide swath of Europe, is in the middle of a sweltering heat wave this week — its second major heat wave so far this summer.

“A severe heat wave has begun in western Europe, one that will potentially bring some all-time historical high temperatures,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews said.

In France, the heat wave began in earnest on Monday with highs at or above 90 degrees in Paris. Andrews said temperatures even topped 100 in parts of the south.

The heat waves in France are taking a toll on one of the country’s most famous commodities: wine. According to France 24, the agriculture ministry announced last week that it estimates wine production for the year will decrease by 6 to 13 percent over last year’s numbers.

Government officials are blaming the heat for the downturn in wine output.

All told, it could be winemakers’ worst output in five years. Vineyards particularly in western France have been affected, as the heat disrupted the vines’ flowering stage.

It was just about three months ago that vineyard owners were dealing with frosty temperatures during the spring and lighting fires at night to keep the vines from freezing.

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