Provenir is proud to announce the overwhelming success of its crowdfunding campaign having received pledges worth a total of $68,166 – more than double the original campaign target of $33,000.

Provenir, winner of SproutX’s 2017 Accelerator Program Awards, received an enthusiastic response from 298 supporters, with 224 of the Company’s highest welfare beef Meat Packs and two exclusive dining rewards pre-sold as part of the crowdfunding campaign.

Provenir’s crowdfunding campaign, which was launched April 23, exceeded its initial target of $33,000 within two weeks, with the Company extending the target to an ambitious $120,000. Impressively, over half this target was reached.

“We want to thank our supporters who have not only been vocal and numerous during development stages of our business but have actively thrown their support behind our crowdfunding campaign by becoming customers and pre-purchasing our Meat Packs,” Jayne Newgreen, CMO and co-founder of Provenir said.

“Provenir’s crowdfunding campaign is not a marketing gimmick, rather it’s a really important part of our business plan ensures the viability of the consumer driven demand for Provenir’s products.”

Other than Provenir Meat Packs, two Exclusive Rewards were offered as part of the crowdfunding campaign. These Rewards included a private dinner for up to 15 people prepared by award winning chef Matteo Toffano, and a Gran Tour dinner experience for two with matched wines at Grossi Florentino. Both these Rewards were snapped up in a matter of hours.

Currently every cut of Australian beef is processed in a static abattoir. The consolidation of abattoirs in recent times has required livestock to be transported, often over long distances to the processors. The effect of live transport can reduce yield, increase animal stress and consequently have a negative effect on meat quality. Accordingly, Provenir believes that its on-farm processing solution will eliminate the stress associated with live transport to a large fixed abattoir, providing the highest animal welfare as well as improve meat quality for the consumer.

The high welfare meat will be processed on-farm, beginning with cattle from Provenir’s partners in the Riverina, which will then be transported and prepared at an artisan butchery in Bannockburn. Meat Packs pre-sold via the crowdfunding campaign with be delivered to supporters in Victoria, New South Wales, Brisbane and Townsville and are expected by the end of July 2019.

Following this crowdfunding success, Provenir’s online store will soon go live. Supporters interested in purchasing Provenir Meat Packs can register their interest via

For more information on Provenir grab a copy of this month’s Small Farms magazine.