The National Farmer’s Federation will join a trade mission to Japan, South Korea and Vietnam this week with the Minister for Agriculture, Bridget McKenzie.

“The visit provides an important opportunity to build on our already strong agricultural trade ties with these countries,” NFF CEO Tony Mahar, who is part of the delegation, said.

“Australian agriculture is an export-dependent industry. Farmers export three quarters of what they produce, the importance of nurturing international trade relationships, can’t be overstated.”

Japan is a major market for Australian beef, dairy, sugar, grains and other farm exports.

“The Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement, and then the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP-11) reduced some barriers to our exports – but we’re keen to see further reductions via the JAEPA review,” Mr Mahar said.

Australian exporters are taking the opportunities created by these trade agreements to introduce more Japanese customers to quality Australian produce.

South Korea is also a major market for Australian agricultural produce with new access secured through the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

“With competitors constantly putting pressure on Australia’s market share, it’s critical we remain engaged and listen to our customers in these markets.

“This visit is just one indication of the priority Australian farmers put on meeting customer expectations.”

Vietnam is a growing market for Australian exporters including farmers.

“We are already Vietnam’s largest supplier of wheat and malt, and a key supplier of cotton,” Mr Mahar said.

The trade mission will build on the Prime Minister’s visit last week, the first by an Australian Prime Minister in 25 years. With a population of over 95 million people, and a rapidly growing economy, Australian farmers are well placed to meet the demands of Vietnamese consumers.

“Enhancing the value and volume of our agricultural exports is fundamental to achieving a $100 billion agricultural industry by 2030,” Mr Mahar said.

The trade mission will travel through Japan, South Korea and Vietnam from 26 to 31 August.