Bendigo has received the nod to host Farmers2Founders’ (F2F) third workshop, linking primary producers to global innovation and technology experts.

The free workshops are an Australian first, exposing producers to the trends in food, agriculture, and technology that are creating both challenges and opportunities. It will also connect them with examples and tools to capitalise on these opportunities.

Farmers2Founders was established by thought leaders and innovation specialists Sarah Nolet (AgThentic) and Dr. Christine Pitt (Food Futures Company). The co-founders saw a gap between agriculture and tech communities and knew a unique project was needed to solve the problem.

“Our aim is to elevate the role of producers to solve real problems,” Ms Nolet explained.

“Producers have hard-won expertise, insights, context, and networks. We must unlock this potential and enable producers to catalyse more high-value agrifood innovations.”

“Agriculture is predicted to become Australia’s next $100bn industry by 2030 and we want to ensure producers play a key role. F2F aims to help producers build entrepreneurial and technological skills via tools, resources, coaching, and support so they can participate directly in bringing new agtech, foodtech, and food ventures to market with a platform primed for global exposure.”

Following the workshops, producers can apply for the F2F innovation streams in agtech, foodtech, and food innovation.

The workshop will be held at 1-7 Taylor Street, Epson.

The Big Idea’s Program is now open to anyone with applications closing on June 28.

Over eight week program, F2F provides funding, coaching, and more to support producers to work out if their business idea is worth pursuing.   

Interested parties can register at