Australia’s leading ag-tech business, DIT Technologies (DIT) today launches Australia’s first remote farming smartphone management platform that allows farmers to manage their farms from the press of a button anywhere in the world on a smartphone.

Regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative agriculture technology businesses, DIT has closed the gap between remote data scraping, camera technology and smartphone capabilities to create a tech powered solution to the agriculture sector.

The remote platform called uSEE, will transform the way farmers go about managing their physical farms, giving them freedom to manage their farm and livestock remotely.

DIT Technologies remote management platform pulls shared data, sensor and camera technology, remote water readings and weather conditions to link management of a physical world to a web based solution.

uSEE uses Next G and satellite remote cameras, Next G and satellite remote tank and dam water monitors to remotely manage weather and rainfall conditions and links in to the uDOSE remote monitoring water supplementing devices.

A pioneer in the space, the leading Ag-tech is hoping to have an impact on the way farmers manage their farms using digital technology and cloud computing along with analytics and mobile technology to assist farmers with the decision making tools they need to drive unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency.

Founder and CEO of DIT, Mark Peart (pictured) said the latest remote Ag-tech tool is just one of the many new developments he’s hoping to roll out under parent company DIT Technologies.

“DIT is focused on being a champion for the Ag-tech sector not just in Australia but globally, pushing boundaries and creating technology based solutions to solve problems facing the agriculture sector in Australia,” he said.

“My belief is that software-as-a-service (SaaS) is the future of innovation in the sector, we have an entrepreneurial spirit at DIT and are focused on finding, developing and building technology based solutions to power Australia’s agriculture sector. In the next few years, we see DIT being an exporter of its own, an exporter of technology solutions for farming globally.”

“Aside from uSEE being a great technology based solution, it’s also awesome that a farmer can be sitting on Bondi Beach, at an AFL match watching their favourite team, at their child’s school play or just down at the pub and keep an eager eye on their farm, their cattle and whole operation from their mobile phone, that to me is a great development for the ag sector.”

Headquartered out of Toowoomba Queensland, DIT in the last six months has rolled out facilities and operation centres nationally across Australia with an international footprint imminent.

The business in less than 12 months has tripled its company valuation, doubled its workforce and acquired two additional businesses that now sit underneath parent company DIT technologies as subsidiaries powered by the technology innovator.