Australia’s Minister for Agriculture Bridget McKenzie (pictured) welcomed the finalisation of a new memorandum of understanding between the Australian and Chinese meat industries.

“This MoU is a demonstration of the depth of relationship between our meat industry and the Chinese industry and the mutually beneficial outcomes that can be achieved by working together,” Minister Mckenzie said.

“The Australian Meat Industry Council has signed the China Australia Red Meat Agreement (CARMA) with the China Meat Association today.

“It’s formalising a partnership that has been years in the making and will mature even further through this approach.

“The MoU sets out a way for our respective industries to work cooperatively to strengthen food safety processes. It also enables bilateral exchanges to improve our joint technical knowledge, marketing and research and development outcomes.

“Ultimately it’s about securing outcomes that are beneficial to all parties.

“Chinese consumers enjoy Australia’s safe, high quality, sustainable food and fibre and red meat is a critically important part of that.

“I commend the Chinese meat industry and the Australian meat industry for their foresight and cooperation in formalising this agreement that’s joint work program will focus on delivering mutual benefit.”