Access to the organic industry has just become a lot easier with yesterday’s opening of a new gateway into the world of organic food, fibre and cosmetic production–

NASAA chair Glenn Schaube said the new online facility will serve as a knowledge source for organic information and promoting the benefits of organic food production, farming, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

“Visitors to the site will find information about buying organic, organic learning and how to get involved in the organic sector. It is a dedicated resource for organic shoppers, home gardeners, conventional producers interested in organics; and certified operators, within Australia and overseas,” he said.

Offering a user-friendly experience, and intuitive navigation, provides a wealth of information for those already involved in organic production and those with an interest to learn.

About the new organic gateway

Included in the organic gateway are two well-defined sections.

1. The NASAA Organic section outlines organic educational information and services to assist those interested in becoming involved in organic and sustainable foods, fibres and cosmetics production. This educational resource is for the whole organic community from producers to manufacturers, students, consumers, home growers and traders.

2. The NCO section provides all the support material and advice needed to become a certified organic operator and those already certified to the NASAA Organic Standard. This dedicated organic industry resource provides all that is needed for all commodity producers to use the internationally sought after NASAA Organic ‘spring leaf’ Label, which enables access to organic markets in Australia and all regulated and unregulated organic export markets.

Glenn Schaube said, “this is combined with a dedicated on-call team to answer questions and provide support as needed to the food production and agriculture sectors.”

“Whether you run your own organic farm or you are learning about organics for the first time, the gateway to organics website facility provides a range of information and resources to assist you.”

Resources for the Certified Organic industry

Access to the NCO Organic section of the site is via a ‘Go to NCO’ button in the main menu, and other links, within the site.

The NCO Organic section includes many new facilities to help local operators, exporters and operators outside of Australia, with business interests in the organic industry, to easily locate the resources they need. Features include:

• All of forms, applications and templates in the one location
• Logical and well labelled forms and other resource listings
• Easy access to export requirements
• Detailed information on certification requirements with many useful links and information sources

Glenn Schaube said, “The new website structure allows operators to easily find what they are looking for and the updated product and operator search function provides a useful tool to source organic inputs, wholesale producers for retailers, and product listings for consumers of organic products.”