Agriculture Victoria is running a series of two-day workshops to give farmers the nuts and bolts around good grazing management.

Consultant Lisa Warn will bring her extensive experience and knowledge from her whole farm consultancy service.

“Good grazing management is all about optimising conversion of pastures into livestock products at the least cost, while protecting the pasture base and soil,” she said.

“It is also about having flexibility to be able to respond to variable seasonal conditions.

“This workshop will provide producers with the skills and tools to allow them to make better decisions about seasonal management of pastures and stock, to improve productivity and manage risk.

“It will also cover practical tips on setting up and managing a rotational grazing system.”

The workshops will have a whole farm focus, including;
• The principles of grazing management and balancing the needs of pasture and livestock
• The effects of different grazing systems on pasture growth, composition, persistence ground cover and livestock performance
• Manipulating pasture composition with grazing
• Management of specific species (e.g. native grasses, lucerne, phalaris, annuals) relevant to the region
• Simple tools and benchmarks to help you plan and manage your grazing system

Three two-day workshops will be held at:

Day 1 -Tuesday 28 May – Boort Resources and Information Centre, 1190121 Godfrey Street, Boort
Day 2 – Tuesday 25 June – Gredgwin Ridge, 2085 Boort-Quambatook Road, Gredgwin

Day 1 – Wednesday 29 May – Elmore Events Centre, 48 Rosaia Road, Elmore
Day 2 – Wednesday 26 June – Farm visit – venue TBC

Newstead /Maryborough
Day 1 – Friday 31 May – Newstead Community Centre, 9 Lyons Street, Newstead
Day 2 – Friday 28 June – Farm visit – venue TBC

Registration is essential and can be done online via as catering is provided. If you are unable to register online please contact Erica Schelfhorst on 0429 807 698 or [email protected]