The Australian Farm Institute is helping farmers navigate the complex and rapidly changing carbon farming landscape, with an easy-to-use online tool that helps users determine which, if any, carbon project suits their business.

AFI executive director Richard Heath said as options to engage in new carbon markets had grown, a “confusopoly” had developed, with many primary producers unsure if the perceived cost of participation is higher than the return.

The Carbon Opportunity Decision Support Tool (CODST) guides users through a series of questions to find a project best suited to their business, risk appetite and personality.

Along the way there are links to stories about farmers who have put the various methods into practice, contacts for advisers and experts, and helpful resources such as AgriFutures Australia’s A farmer’s handbook to on-farm carbon management.

AFI plans to continually improve and refresh the CODST to ensure it keeps pace with new technology and the changing regulatory environment and is exploring its potential for use on other emerging opportunities, such as biodiversity credits.

To access the CODST, go to:

Country women design their destiny

A new project funded by the NSW Government will give women in agriculture the chance to develop their own small business and skills training.

The innovative Empowering Women in Farming Businesses project, delivered by NSW Farmers, will give local women a hand in designing their own development opportunities, networking and learning programs.

“Women make an immense contribution to the agriculture sector, and we want to provide regional, rural and remote women with business-focused networking and skill development opportunities to further develop their confidence and support systems,” NSW Farmers projects manager Georgia Campbell said.

“We will be delivering between eight and 10 events next year, and we’re looking for interested communities/groups/prominent women to put their hands up to be involved and help shape these events.”

Options will include skill-based workshops, networking events, and farm or business tours in their local region, which NSW Farmers will organise and facilitate.