By twisting differently flavoured sausages into smaller versions — you might call them chipolatas — your dinner guests can be presented with a variety of your wares in the one meal.
Three differently flavoured half-sized bangers seems about right, portion-wise, when they are accompanied by a lot of vegetables.
And there’s a ‘hack’ option as well. The hack is that you can use the method here to easily turn store-bought sausages into chipolatas.
Last weekend my local supermarket had a special on their sausage ‘variety triple packs’. Standing in front of them with my thumb and forefinger on my chin, I had an ‘aha’ moment that connected with Lynn having asked me for some little sausages in a mixture of flavours.
After purchasing a couple of packets of the ‘specials’, this is what I did when I got home.

Firstly separate the sausages (by snipping them at the join with kitchen scissors) and then squeeze them in the middle.

At the squeeze point, twist the two halves of the sausage (twist them about three or four times).

A close-up of the twisted section.

Now, using your kitchen scissors, snip the twisted section (snip it in the middle of the twists so that there are at least a couple of twists on each side of the snip).

The finished chipolatas above the original sausage.

Keep twisting and snipping. Note: when I was first shown this tweak, I expected all of the filling to ooze out of the ends, but it doesn’t the twists seem to lock into each other and almost seal off the ends. However, don’t be put off if some filling does escape when it does, any over-spill actually cooks crispy, and many say it adds even more to the dish’s taste when cooking is finished.

About 12 chipolatas is ideal for four servings.